Armors That Protect You From Attacks By The Enemies

Army men and policemen risk their life to protect their country and countrymen from the enemies.  They do not hesitate to take the gun shot of the enemies for protecting the live of the others. But for the nation and the defense organization of all the countries, it is their duty to keep in mind the safety and protection of their soldiers. So, they must equip soldiers with protective clothing and protective gears to save their lives. In the range of the safety equipments, chest rigs, tactical vest, plate carrier and rig plates are the most common armors for the soldiers. These are basically designed to protect the upper half of the body.

Companies like Plate Carrier Zone are one of the leading manufacturers of protective clothing for the soldiers. There you will find different styles of armors for the soldiers that act as the protective gear during the warship and patrolling. The carrier plates, chest rigs are other protective wears that are needed to be worn on the shoulders that cover up chest, stomach, back and shoulders from getting the gun wound. These armors are designed to provide protection to the main parts of the body.

Tips for buying

All kinds of defense agencies and the agencies that deal with the safety of the people need to buy these armors for their soldiers. As different types of armors are available so it is not necessary that each design of armor suits to everyone. Here are some important tips that should be considered to buy the right one for your soldiers:

  • Design of the protective gear: Some of the plate carriers fully cover the upper portion of the body while the others cover only the half portion. So, if there is a war or an alarming situation, then full cover armor is ideal while just for the sake of patrolling partial armor works well.
  • Number of pockets: Protective vests and carrier plates are available with pockets. The main aim of these pockets is to provide storage space for ammunitions, important paper and other important things that can be carried on the war site. These pockets make their hands free to work more efficiently.
  • Fabric or construction material: Protective wears that are light in weight and breathable make the soldier to get comfortable at the war. This makes them comfortable to focus more on their work. There are steel armors, ceramic armors and polyethylene