Is Buying Chinese Furniture Worth It?

There is a misplaced notion that Chinese furniture is sub-standard and is intended for people with a small budgetary allocation or those scouting for cheap furniture without caring too much about the quality. But, is this the truth? Is the furniture worth buying? Does it offer value for money? Let’s look at some facts; 

Value vs. Quality

A couple of years ago, when it became apparent that there was a demand for furniture in Europe for first-time homeowners who couldn’t afford high-end furniture, Chinese companies sought to fill in the gap. They started producing cheap, hurriedly assembled furniture made of plywood.

However, it soon became apparent that even though new homeowners were looking for affordable furniture, few were willing to compromise on quality.

Fearing that they might lose the opportunity, the companies started to seek artisans from Europe and the United States to help them shift to more contemporary designs. The resulting furniture was entirely different from the low-end, prefabricated furniture that was synonymous with Chinese companies.

While Chinese-made furniture is at par with that produced in the Americas or Europe, it costs much less. 

So, Is The Furniture Better? 

Furniture produced in China may not necessarily be better, but one thing is clear – it’s comparatively inexpensive yet modish and stylish.  That perhaps explains the massive increase in importation of the furniture in Europe.

In essence, the furniture offers an option to homeowners with a sense of style and cannot manage to pay for the famous Italian or French made furniture. Besides, most Chinese manufacturers now use high-quality wood from the country’s remote regions. Some even import lumber from Canada and Russia allowing them to make furniture that can rival high-end pieces regarding durability and quality. 

The Bottom Line 

Antiques from Europe, Italy, France and America are exceptional pieces of furniture that are sleek as they are functional. Nonetheless, not everyone has the purchasing power to own them, let alone the resources to take care of them.

That said, homeowners in pursuit of high-quality furniture at an affordable price have an option of turning to the Chinese. After all, China has hosted some of the finest woodworkers on the planet for centuries, and their traditional pieces of furniture are known for durability and high quality.

To cut to the chase, if you know where to look, finding China-made furniture that will give a return for the money and the same benefits of European furniture isn’t that hard.