Key Tips To Buy The Firewood

With the winter season, comes the huge demand of firewood. Many homeowners start their winter season with burning firewood in the fireplace. Many of them host a bonfire party for their friends and family to celebrate the starting of the winter season. Burning firewood in the fireplace or in the kitchen can be very economical source for radiating heat in the room to make your house warm from the inside and also can be used for cooking food. Most of them buy firewood from the local dealers or any firewood shop nearby. We recommend Harpers firewood to buy some high quality firewood for your home use. Buying firewood for the personal use can be a very confusing process especially with such a wide variety of firewood available to choose from. You can consider following points in choosing the best firewood according to your needs.

Seasoned wood: All woods contain water in them especially those which are fresh. Freshly cut wood can have up to 45% of water while seasoned wood has 15-20% of water in them. Seasoned woods are dense and light in weight as most of the water has been evaporated which makes them an ideal wood to burn. Seasoned woods are dense and take time to heat up and catch fire. But once they catch fire, they burn for a longer time while radiating more heat and produce less smoke. These seasoned woods are ideal for cooking purpose as well as for burning them in bonfire parties and in the home fireplace to keep the house warm against the cold weather.

Storing firewood: Best quality seasoned firewood can easily be spoiled by bad storage practices. Dried seasoned woods need a little caring and maintenance so that they can maintain their top quality. Seasoned firewood if exposed to rain or snow will absorb the water making it difficult to ignite and also can cause the wood to rot before it gets dry again. Seasoned firewood should be stored in a covered dry place so that it may not come in contact with the heavy moisture.

Buying firewood: Firewood is sold according to the volume. You can either buy a large log of the wood or you can simply buy many small split pieces of the firewood. A big log is usually used when the firewood is supposed to be burnt for a longer time where as small split pieces are ideal for cooking and for home fireplace.