Windows Product Key To Improve Your Digital Working

Windows product key is a unique identification code which helps in unlocking the advanced features of the Windows. When you buy the windows software, a key is provided to you which is needed to be entered at the time of installation of the software. It is a kind of approval of license to use the windows product with a high level of security features. Window product key is available with the software sellers in the local market and at the online stores. If you are looking for the genuine Windows product key online, click here.

What to do if you lose your Windows product key?

Your Windows software CD/DVD can be used for the reinstallation of windows on your computer. So, if your windows gets corrupted or you want to reinstall Windows you can easily do it anytime. But, the problem occurs when you lose your Windows product Key. Without this key, you won’t be able to get the updates for the windows or reinstall the windows on your computer. Thankfully, your details are registered in the Windows database which allows you to access your Windows product key.

There are three most possible places from where you can find your lost Windows products key, if you have purchased it from the local store:

  • In the Software drive of your computer: Check out the drive in which software are stored in your computer. You can find the folder for product key which can be copied and pasted at the desired location.
  • In PC’s UEFI firmware: If you could not find it in your computer’s software drive, you can get it from your PC’s UEFI firmware or BIOS. Most of the new versions of the computer windows like Windows 8 and windows 10 store the product key in their firmware.
  • Get it from the Wrapper of the Software CD:  For most of the Windows 7 software, Windows product key are printed on the sticker. Computer that uses System Locked Pre-installation technology generally has the Windows product key printed on the sticker. But, through this way, you will be able to obtain the key only when you have purchased it from the local store.

If you have purchased it from the online store, then you can call the Windows customer care center for the recovery of your lost key. You need to follow the process as described by the expert to find your lost Windows key. In addition to this, there are few assisted technologies also that help you to find your lost windows product key.