Major Obstacles That Hinder People From Achieving Their Dreams

People set different short-term and long-term goals in their lives. Some want to have the dream job by twenty-two while others want to settle with family and kids by twenty-five. It is worth noting that some people never achieve their dreams. Life comes with hard choices and hurdles which make such goals just a mental creation. The following are the major obstacles that hinder people from achieving their goals.

Negative Mindset

You have to believe in your dreams so as to achieve them. If you approach a task expecting failure, you are most likely to fail. Train yourself to have positive thoughts in your life and work hard. Take positive criticism and learn how to improve your thinking for the better. Refrain from associating with those who discourage your efforts and seek motivators.

Excuses and Self-doubt

Some people feel that they are not good enough or do not have the necessary skills to tackle a certain task. Your mind just wants to stay in the comfort zone and does not want new challenges. Sometimes you say that you are not ready to take a new task just because you are young. Some chances and opportunities come only once in a lifetime, and you have to punch on them before it is too late.


Do not try to achieve very many goals within a short span of time. The results will be frustrations and slow progress due to limited time. Set goals that are realistic to you within a given period. You can subscribe for Jon Anxin | Self Help Training and learn how to manage your time and lead a better life.

Lack of Consistency

Success in life demands one to be consistent, passionate and hardworking. If you want to buy a new car, save every month until you hit your target. Train your mind to focus on your ultimate goal and avoid distractions. You need to commit towards your goals irrespective of the challenges on the way.


Humans are known for shelving tasks for another day. The mind tricks you there will always be a next time to perform a certain task. You need to start doing your duties on time if you want to achieve your dreams. Learn to prioritize tasks and implement those that are most important first.

Achieving goals needs hard work, the right energy, and dedication. You should learn how to overcome challenges and not lose focus.