How to Create High-quality Videos Using Your iPhone Camera

It is possible to create high-quality videos ready for upload using the iPhone camera. However, you need a few essential tips to make your clips look attractive. The tips outlined in this article are not just iPhone specific but can be applied to any smartphone. Read on to find out!

Don’t film vertically

More and more people are getting used to wider screens such as Laptops or TVs. A vertical video clip will not look great on your desktop screen either. Ensure that the phone is in a horizontal position each time you shoot.

A tripod is very essential

Regardless of your level of physical fitness, your hands cannot remain steady at all times. A tripod helps you avoid the strain on your hand, especially when you edit several clips. It ensures that the iPhone is stable. Most photography stores stock a wide range of tripods at varying prices.

Don’t touch the zoom button

By touching the ‘zoom’ button, you are going to enlarge the picture digitally, leading to ugly pixels. To get a closer shot, it is advisable to move an inch closer to the image to get the level of perfection you want.

Light the video

In addition to the inbuilt camera of your iPhone, it is advisable to use off-camera sources of light for the best quality. Professional off-camera lights are available from reliable photography stores. You can visit here for more information about video production.

Utilize the exposure lock

The iPhone has automatic features that allow it to expose and focus the shot. If you are producing just quick clips, you can utilize this feature. However, if you need a constant focus and exposure during the production, you should lock the ‘exposure focus’ feature.

Put the mic closer to the subject

Experts suggest that the microphone should be as close to the subject as possible. With your iPhone, it is advisable to use a second iPhone purposely for recording. For the best recording of audio, you should position it directly above the head of the subject. Alternatively, you can have an external microphone. Some models of a powered microphone can send audios directly to your iPhone during recording.

Use your computer for editing

After a careful production of your shots, you can use your computer to edit the clips accordingly. With a wide range of free video editing software, this process should be easy.