Retro game emulators as methods of retro game launch.

The formula of success of a computer game is a big riddle. The art of attracting of potential gamers to the project’s demands a lot of efforts and resources. The developers of the game try to implement the most advanced possibilities of modern graphical video adapters, add support of specific manipulators, do the image three-dimensional and even develop essentially new interfaces. However no «virtual reality» gives any guarantee that the computer entertainment would not bore the player after half-hour acquaintance to an innovation. That is why this enterprise is very risky.

Despite primitiveness of old games, users look for again and again an opportunity to start them on modern computers. Others buy old consoled and play.  All of them doing this for the one purpose – for fun. You can also secure one yourself!

The majority of old games have a “flat”, two-dimensional graphics, which looks primitively today. Even in the inexpensive smartphone, the image is better. Nevertheless, such graphics had the huge number of games, which is still pleasant to play. Legendary “Super – Mario”, Sonic the Hedgehog, Duke Nukem and others. Numerous of these cult games not only did not become outdated but also found the second life in the form of remakes for modern PCs. Some of the games as, for example, Prince of Persia, turned even into the third measurement.

Unfortunately, owing to certain technical features, many computer games of the last century cannot be started on the modern PC as regular applications. The matter is that retro games involve specific operating modes of a graphics and a sound. Besides, they were created for the devices using tiny amounts of random access memory and clock frequency of the microprocessor, insignificant to today’s measures. In addition, there are certain problems of compatibility with modern game controllers, sound cards and designate. However all these problems can be solved with the help of special programs, which emulate non-standard operating modes, virtually underestimate processor frequency and so on. The speech below will go about such emulators.

Very few people from the younger generation of gamers know that before computers appeared in each house, fans of entertainments already had an opportunity to start video games. A method to make it was a simple. The simplest was in purchasing the special device connected to the TV (in some cases — to the display). This device was called “game console” as, in fact, was an addition to standard functions of the TV. Yes, we speak about far ancestors of modern consoles.

Subsequently with further development of electronics, producers of video games had an opportunity to do perfect devices. Some of them became more compact, found displays and finally turned into portable video game consoles.