Mow Yards

So Your Teen Wants to Mow Yards for Money

If your son or daughter has reached teenage years, chances are they like spending money on things that they enjoy doing, like video games, trips to the mall, movies, or hanging out with friends.

But you both know this costs money that you may or may not have.

The good news is that your son wants to earn his own money by mowing yards.

Now is the time to applaud him, and help him out with a little advice on mowers, weed eaters, and edge trimmers. But the last time you looked at your weed eater, it clearly showed signs of wear and tear.

Time to get a new one for your son to use. But the question is, which kind? Do you want one that you bump on the ground to feed the string out, or one that feeds the string out automatically?

Does he need a gas-powered or electric?

A lot of this depends on the size and landscape of the yards he’ll be mowing. If it’s just a simple yard without much manicuring involved, a simple weed eater will do. But if there are thick weeds, tall grass along edges, or tricky areas like lawn ornaments, birdbaths, and other structures to maneuver around, then a better weed eater is in order.

However, a better weed eater doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive.

If you’re into name brands, this could be a more reliable way to go.

If you’re into trying something new, but less expensive, an off-brand may do just fine.

Just try to avoid being conned into buying one that you don’t need, or has more features than you actually need. People who sell weed eaters can be just as persuasive as a car salesperson. If you feel the big push coming on, take a deep breath, take a step back, and remember why you’re here: To buy a simple weed eater, not a tractor.

Your son will thank you for buying the right tool for the job.

If a trip to the hardware or lawn and garden section of a big box store doesn’t provide enough information, or the kind of weed eater you’re looking for, try browsing online, especially review sites where you can take your time and read reviews for each product of interest.