Ways to Become a Success in Comedy

While your friends and family may laugh at most of them, your jokes do not guarantee your success as a comedian. It’s not because you are not funny. It’s because jokes are subjective; each person has a unique sense of humor.

If you need help elevating your career as a comedian, here is a list of useful details:

Be Uniquely Funny

A simple way to succeed in comedy is to identify your signature brand of jokes. Identify if what makes you hilarious are your self-depreciating jokes, shameless puns, sarcastic and mean comments, or cheesy words. And once you have determined your brand of “funny”, be confident in it.

Avoid copying another comedian’s style. Just because the number of people who laughed at his jokes that one time is higher does not say that he is the better comedian. If you follow every move of another successful comedian, your chances of getting recognized for a certain brand of “funny” are quite low.

Learn the Script (and Actually Stick to It)

You should also learn the script. Comedy, after all, has a lot to do with pace, timing, and rhythm. And thus, it’s your duty to incorporate those elements in your script whenever you give a performance.

Write your script, rehearse, and then follow the script as is. Try not to alter the words during an actual performance. Additionally, avoid adding unmeaningful words such as “I mean”, “Uhm”, and “Well”.

Think about it like this: a musician should play according to a composed piece, and so a comedian should also play according to a finished script.

Practice, Practice, Practice

“Practice will make you perfect”, says the old adage, which is true. And thus, you need to practice by performing your script around friends and family regularly. Doing so can help you further your career.

Not only will they help enhance your skills as a live performer, practice sessions will also play an important role in the development of your comedic technique and character. On top of that, it is when you practice that you get an opportunity to spot your mistakes and possible areas for improvement.

Learn from the Legends

While you should not copy another comedian’s style, observing another comedian (or a bunch of them) is a wise advice. Especially if that comedian has had a successful journey, it may seem like you have found a role model.

For example, you are into stand-up comedy. Because these people are legendary stand-up comedians, you may want to learn from Jerry Seinfeld, George Carlin, and Chris Rock.