How To Leverage Your Youtube Channel For Education

Videos are a necessary communication tool. It is no secret that many people are embracing videos as a form of learning and YouTube is one of the most comprehensive mediums used by modern trainers to engage their audience.

If you intend to use YouTube for education or training, you first need to create a channel where you can post your videos. Remember, every trainer is out to get more visibility and a greater audience. Once you have your channel ready, you may use the following tips to get more people to your list of subscribers.

Identify Your Audience

Before creating any video, ask yourself who you want to educate. Are the videos meant for novice or experienced viewers? What is the target age? Which need do your videos seek to address?

Create A Strong Intro

The first seconds of your video will determine whether viewers will watch it to the end. You might need to make the introductory part of the lesson catchy to decrease abandonment.

Identify Specific Topics and Keywords

With a large number of educational channels on YouTube, you may need to cover topics that are rarely talked about. Select keywords that enable you to plan your lessons better and develop comprehensive content around these keywords. Make sure that your choice of topic answers questions and satisfies the needs of your viewers.

Utilize The Playlist Function

Once a video ends, YouTube suggests more videos to its users.  If you want viewers to spend more time on your channel then you need to create a playlist. In the absence of a playlist, your viewers will always be directed to a different channel.

Encourage Discussion with Your Audience

Create a community for yourself by engaging your viewers. Respond to their comments and encourage them to provide feedback.  You can ask a question in the video and ask them to give answers via the comments section. This gives your account more activity, which may translate to more subscribers. You can also contract YouTube promotion service providers or invest in a YouTube bot such as Tube Adder, listed at to engage subscribers and grow your channel in a smart way.

Keep The Videos Short and Interesting

When it comes to videos, most viewers want to get all the information they need within the first few minutes. Utilize new formats in your content and focus on creating attractive titles, thumbnails, and descriptions to attract more followers.

In Closing

At the end of each video, remember to invite your viewers to subscribe to your channel.  Encourage them to provide feedback which you can use to improve your content and mode of teaching.