Challenges Faced By Instagram Marketers

Most businesses, both startups and established brands are now using social media as a marketing tool for their products. Those who are doing it right are recording huge profits with fewer efforts and lower operating costs. Another group is finding it hard closing even a single sale after wasting time and resources trying to promote their products. Such people might be having the wrong marketing strategy which differentiates winners from losers. Instagram attracts many business users and it has some features that are tailored for marketing and promotion. The following are some of the challenges that Instagram marketers face


    1. Coming up with engaging content


Is posting a product with a price tag as the caption enough to make a sale or convince a customer? It is not because selling involves a lot of things. You have to ensure that potential customers understand your product before you offer it for sale. Check out how market leaders and competitors are crafting their content and copy some tips. Use some captivating hashtags and ensure that your captions are relatable. Avoid copying other people’s content as this will put away potential customers from your posts. Protect your content from theft by watermarking your images and videos using hashtags and your logo.


    1. Balancing between work and engaging followers


Marketing is an important business function but remember that you have policies to formulate, products to produce and orders to deliver. Instagram marketing can take all your time and compromise service delivery which is equally important. You cannot have it all and that is why you should automate some tasks. You can automate customer engagement and ensure that you check out Best Instagram Bot in 2018 for Following, Liking, & Commenting – Spire. You can then check the account frequently for questions that require personalized attention and when you have to schedule posts.


    1. Determining what to post and when to do it


Smart digital marketers come up with a schedule that defines what needs to be posted, how to do it and when to do it. Your content strategy should dedicate 2/3 of the content to educating potential consumers while the rest focuses on the brand. You can share insights, safety tips and trends in your niche to establish yourself as an authority. Avoiding using a sales voice but focus on educating and solving problems and selling process will occur automatically. Use enticing phrases like 20% off for a few days to capture the attention of followers.