Latest Instagram Updates That Can Help Grow Your Account

In the past, all you had to do to grow your Instagram account was to post great content. Things have changed now and without a clear growth strategy, it becomes hard to gain followers. This means that you need to utilize every useful tool at your disposal to achieve your growth targets. Today, we look at some recent features that you can use to achieve maximum growth.

Location and Hashtag Stickers

Location and hashtag stickers help you to reach more people. Initially, you could only share Instagram Stories with your followers but these two features have made it possible for anyone to see your Stories.  For example, if you are posting from a certain location, you can tag the location with a sticker and anyone that location’s page will be able to see your post. This gives your account more exposure and leads to more customers for your business.

Instagram Analytics

These help you to understand your audience and the performance of your content. By tracking your Instagram analytics, you can easily optimize your content for more engagement. A while back, Instagram users could only access their analytics information via the Instagram app. A recent update now allows you to access this information from third-party analytics tools. This means that you can comfortably monitor your account’s performance from your automation tool’s dashboard. You can find some of the latest automation tools that support this feature at Fred Herrington.

Instagram Live

When utilized correctly, live video provides a great value for your business in terms of promoting your products and services. It is also a good platform for users who run Q&A’s as well as tutorials. With a good number of viewers, you can get your videos to the top of the Explore page where trending videos are often listed.

Instagram Business Profile

Switching from a personal to business account on Instagram gives you the ability to promote your content, add links to your Stories feature and access Instagram Insights. With a business profile, you will also be able to schedule single photo posts without opening a push notification.

Instagram Partnership

The Instagram partnership feature gives you an opportunity to reach more people than basic advertising. It makes it easy for people to identify you as a partner in sponsored posts and this can build your brand awareness in a big way.

In Conclusion

Continuous updates on Instagram means that more and more tools will be discovered in future. You need to check out for any new tools and use them to improve your performance on the platform.