Mistakes That Make You a Serial Dater

With speed dating, internet dating and social media dating, more than 50 percent of Americans are still single. A huge part of this group is women, and the percentage continues to grow.

Even though more and more singles are trying out new ways to find that special person, they are getting issues, and it takes longer to get that special person that they want.

Everyone is looking for a way to be loved, and being part of a happy couple is what most people are striving to do. In the desire to get loved, dating rules become relaxed, and women are making fatal mistakes that are keeping them in the dating queue longer.

Let us look at these mistakes and how to avoid some of them.

Being too Possessive

If you have just met a guy, and you have gone out on a few dates, it is not the right time to start being too possessive. Don’t go through his phone or ask about his whereabouts. Though hard to believe, this is too scary, and it signals a man to run. What you need to do is to slow down and learn to control the emotions, because when you become possessive, you might end the relationship before it even starts.

Having High Hopes for the Relationship

Every relationship has a reason, and a lesson to learn. Some relationships can teach you one or two things before you find the right one. Some help you to know what you want or don’t want in a relationship. Others allow you to grow and find what you want in a man. So take all the lessons that you get positively, and forget the subset of lasting forever even when you haven’t gone on the second date.

Failing to Accept the Person as He Is

When you are growing up, you dream of getting a prince in shining armour, but this is not always what you get. When you meet the person the first time, don’t expect him to be what you want. Accept the person the way he is, and learn to appreciate him for who he is and not for what you think he will become.

The Conclusion

It comes a time when you need to be in a serious relationship. When this time comes, make sure you don’t stress out the guy to chase him away. Learn to be understanding so that you don’t lose out.